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HPU BCA 1st Sem. Mathematics

BCA0101 Mathematics-I Syllabus UNIT-I Set theory, Relations, quadratic equations, sequence & series, binomial theorems, determinants, matrices. UNIT-II Rectangular co-ordinates, length of a line segment, section ratio, area of a triangle, equations of a straight line circles. UNIT-III Trigonometric functions, trigonometrical ratios of negative and associated angles, trigonometrical ratios of compound angles, multiple and sub multiple… Read More »

HPU BCA 1st Sem. C Programming

BCA0104 C Programming Syllabus UNIT-I Introductory Concepts: Types of programming languages, Introduction to C, some simple C programs, Desirable program characteristics. C Fundamentals: C character Set, Identifiers and keywords, data types, constants, variables and arrays, Declarations, expressions, statements, Symbolic constants. UNIT -II Operators and expressions: Arithmetic operators, unary operator, Relational and logical operators, assignment operators,… Read More »

HPU BCA 1st Sem. Computer Fundamentals

BCA0103 Computers Fundamentals Syllabus UNIT-I Introduction: Characteristics of Computers, Evolution of computers, Capabilities and limitations of computers, Generations of computers, Types of diagram of computer, Basic components of a computer system Input unit, output unit, Arithmetic logic Unit, Control unit, central processing unit, Instruction set, registers, processor speed, type of computers(micro, mini, main frame, supercomputers),… Read More »