HPU BCA 6th Sem. Multimedia Technology

By | December 2, 2021

BCA0603 Multimedia Technology Syllabus

UNIT-I Introduction to Multimedia : platforms for multimedia, Identifying Multimedia elements Text, Images, Sound, Animation and Video, Making simple Multimedia with PowerPoint. Concepts of plain & formatted text, RTF & HTML texts, Object Linking and Embedding concept. Needs and areas of use, Development

UNIT-II Sound: Sound and it Attributes, Mono V/S Stereo Sound, Sound Channels, Sound and Its Effect In Multimedia, Analog V/S Digital Sound, Overview Of Various Sound File Formats On PC WAV, MP3.

UNIT-III Graphics: Importance of Graphics in Multimedia, Vector and Raster Graphics, Image Capturing Methods Scanner, Digital Camera Etc. Various Attributes of Images Size, Color, Depth Various Image File Format BMP, DIB, EPS, PIC, and TIF Format Their Features and imitations, Basics of animation, Software Tools for animation. Resolution etc.

UNIT-IV Video: Basics of Video Analog and Digital Video, How to use video on PC. Introduction to graphics accelerator cards, Brief note on various video standards NTSC, HDTV, Introduction to video capturing Media & instrument Videodisk. Virtual Reality Terminology Head Mounts Display (HMD), Boom, Cave, Input Devices and Sensual Technology

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