HPU BCA 5th Sem. Operating System

By | December 1, 2021

BCA0501 Operating System Syllabus

UNIT -I Operating System Concepts: Operating System Classification- Simple Monitor, Multi Programming, Time Sharing, Real Time Systems, Multiprocessor Systems, Batch Processing, Simple User, Multi User, Operating System Functions And Characteristics.

UNIT -II Process Processor Management: Process Overview, Process States, State Transitions, Process Control Block, Operations On Processes, Suspend And Resume, Interrupt Processing, Scheduling Algorithms, Multiple Processor Scheduling. Deadlock: Deadlock Problem, Deadlock, Deadlock Characterization, Necessary Conditions. Deadlock Prevention, Deadlock Avoidance, Deadlock Detection, Recovery From Deadlock.

UNIT -III Memory Management: Partition, Paging, Segmentation, Types of Memory Management Scheme , Bare Machine, Resident Monitor. Swapping, Multiple Partition, Virtual Memory, Demand Paging.

UNIT -IV File Management: File Types, Operation On Files, File Support, Access Methods, Sequential Access, Allocation Method (Free Space Management, Contiguous, Linked, Indexed), Direct Access, Index, Directory System Single-Level, Two-Level, Tree-Structured, File Protection.

Download Question papers of HPU BCA 5th Sem. Operating System

Download Question papers of HPU BCA 5th Sem. Operating System 2018

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