HPU BCA 5th sem. E-Commerce

By | December 1, 2021

BCA0502 e-Commerce Syllabus

UNIT-I e-Commerce: Definition, Framework, Architecture, benefits and Impact of e-Commerce, The Anatomy of e-Commerce application, e- Commerce Consumer applications, e-Commerce Application, e-commerce in India, Prospects of e-Commerce. Organization

UNIT-II Consumer oriented E-Commerce: Consumer oriented applications, mercantile Process Models, consumer’s perspective, Merchant’s perspective. Advertising and marketing the Internet: The new age information based marketing. Advertising on the Internet Active or push based advertising models, Passive or pull based advertising models. Guidelines for Internet advertising. Online marketing process.

UNIT-III Types of Electronic Payment System: Digital token based electronic payment systems, smart cards and electronic payment systems; credit card based electronic payment systems, Risk and electronic payment systems. Electronic data Interchange and its applications in business.

UNIT-IV Securing the Business on Internet: security Policy, Procedures and Practices, transaction security, CRM, what is e-CRM, it’s applications, The e-CRM marketing in India, Major Trends, Global Scenario for CRM, CRM utility in India.

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