HPU BCA 5th Sem. Asp.NET

By | November 30, 2021

BCA0504 ASP.Net Technologies Syllabus

UNIT – I Introducing .NET: Microsoft web development, Move from workstation to distributed computing, Internet factor, importance of.net platform0 OS neutral environment, device independence, wide language support, internet based component services.

NET framework: Common language runtime(CLR), code management and execution, security support, error handling and garbage collection,.net framework class libraries0System classes, data and XML classes, windows form and drawing classes, web classes. Features of .NET framework: ASP.NET web forms and web services0 Web page authoring & server controls; ASP.NET infrastructure.

UNIT – II VB.NET : Introduction, statement, lines, comments, operators, procedures, variables0 implicit, explicit, constants, parameters, arrays, branching, looping, objects, classes, inheritance, accessibility of inherited properties and methods, overriding methods.

System class, working with numbers, manipulating strings, DateTime arithmetic, converting values, formatting values, managing arrays. Namespace and assemblies, assemblies, creating assemblies, importing assemblies, using imported assemblies, compiling with imported namespace. Relating namespaces and DLL

UNIT – III ASP.NET Web Forms: Web forms code model, In-page vs. Code0behind format, web form object life cycle, handling client side events on the server, web form event handling, define and respond web form control events, AutoPostBack property, automatic state management with web forms.

HTML sever control: definition, RunAt sever attribute, HTML control class, General controls-Anchor, image, form, division, span, Table control, Input Control. Web server Control: Web Control class, General control- Hyperlink, link button, image, label, Panel, Form Controls, Table controls.

UNIT – IV Web form List Control: Simple List controls, Template List controls. Validation Controls: Definition, properties and methods of validation controls, CompareValidator, CustomValidator, ValidationSummary.

User Controls: Definition, Markup0Only User Control, Custom properties, handling events and loading user controls dynamically. controls RangeValidator, validation RequiredFieldValidator, RegularExpressionValidator.

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