HPU BCA 4th Sem. Visual Basic

By | December 2, 2021

BCA0405 Programming in Visual Basic Syllabus

UNIT -I Introduction to Visual Studio: Features of Visual basic, Visual Basic applications, compile, run, Difference between Visual Basic and .NET languages. Open, close existing project, possible menu variations, use the Form Designer, Code Editor, Solution Explorer, work with Visual Studio’s windows.

Design a form: Add controls to a form, Set properties, common properties for forms and controls, add navigation features, property settings, use Document Outline view, name and save files of a project, Design and property settings for the form, Refer to properties, methods, events, Add code to a form, create an event handler for the default event of a form or control, code with a readable style, code comments, detect and correct syntax errors. Use the toolbar buttons, collapse or expand code, print source code, code snippets, Smart Compile Auto Correction feature, My feature and debug a project.

UNIT -II Work with numeric and string data: Work with the built-in value types- Declare and initialize variables, declare and initialize constants, code arithmetic expressions, code assignment statements, work with the order of precedence, use casting, change the type semantics, work with strings, deciare and initialize a string, join and append strings. Data types, use Visual Basic functions to convert data types, use methods to convert rert data types, formatting functions, use methods to convert numbers to formatted strings.

Code control structures: Code Boolean expressions, relational operators, logical operators, conditional statements, If statements, Select Case statements, loops, For loops, Do loops, use Exit and Continue statements, Debugging techniques for programs with loops.

UNIT -III Code procedures and event handlers: Code and call procedures- Sub procedures, call Sub procedures, pass arguments by reference and by value, code and call Function procedures, work with events, start an event handler for any event, handle multiple events with one event handler, use the Code Editor remove event writing. The Function procedure, event handlers, Message box.

Handle exceptions and validate data: Introduction to data validation and exception handling, use the IsNumeric function, display a dialog box for error messages, exception handling works, Use structured start an event handler, add and exception handling, catch an exception, properties and methods of an exception, throw an exception, application with exception handling. Validate data: Validate a single entry, use generic procedures to validate an entry, validate multiple entries, application with data validation, dialog boxes, code, Difference between Validating event and masked text box.

UNIT-IV Arrays and collections: one-dimensional arrays, create an array, assign values to the elements of an array, use For loops to work with arrays, use For Each loops to work with arrays, work with rectangular arrays, create a rectangular array, assign values to a rectangular array, work with rectangular arrays, create a jagged array, assign values to a jagged array, work with jagged arrays, use the Array class, refer to and copy arrays, code procedures that work with arrays, Work with list, sorted list, queues, stacks, array list.

Dates and strings: create a DateTime value, get the current date & time, format DateTime values, perform operations on dates and times, work with strings, procedures for validating user entries, Format numbers, dates, and times, Format numbers. Types of controls, combo boxes, list boxes, check boxes, radio buttons, group boxes, use Tab Order view to set the tab order. Multiform projects: Add a form to a project, rename a form, change the startup form for a project, display a form as a dialog box, pass data between a form and a custom dialog box, Use the MessageBox0 Display …

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