HPU BCA 3rd Sem. Mathematics

By | June 27, 2021

Download Question papers of HPU BCA 3rd Sem. Mathematics 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016

BCA0301 Mathematics-III Syllabus

UNIT-I Order, degree, solution and formation of a differential equation. Standard techniques of solving linear differential equations with constant coefficients, Cauchy’s and Legendres.

UNIT-II Complex numbers and their representation in a plane. Argand diagram, algebra of complex numbers, modulus and arguments of a complex number, square root of a complex number and cube roots of unity, triangle inequality, De-Moivre’s theorem, roots of complex numbers.

UNIT-III Primes, Primarily testing, Factorization, Chinese Remainder Theorem, Quadratic congruence, Exponentiation and Algorithm

UNIT-IV Finite fields, GF(p) fields, GF(p”) fields, Polynomials and their operations over GF(2) and GF(2″)

HPU B.C.A. 3rd Sem. Mathematics 2020

B.C.A Maths 3rd sem 2019 Question paper

HPU BCA 3rd sem. mathematics question paper 2018

HPU BCA 3rd sem. mathematics question paper 2016

Download HPU BCA Mathematics Question Paper pdf

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