HPU BCA 3rd Sem. C++

By | December 2, 2021

BCA0304 Object Oriented Programming with C++ Syllabus

UNIT-I Object oriented programming: Need for OOP, object oriented approach, Inheritance, Reusability, Polymorphism, overloading advantage of OOP, relationship between C and C”. Programming Basic: Basic program construction, output using cout, preprocessor directive, variables, input with cin, Type bool, setw Manipulator, type float, type conversion,  characteristics of OOP language- objects, classes, comments, integer variables, character arithmetic operators, relational operators, logical operators.

UNIT-II Loops and decision control statements: loop- for, while, do, decision-if, if- else, switch, conditional operator, other control statements- break, continue, goto. Structures and functions: structures, Accessing structure members, structure within a structure, Enumerated Data type, simple functions, passing arguments to functions, Returning values from functions, reference arguments, overloaded functions, storage classes, scope resolution operator.

UNIT-III Objects and classes: A simple class, classes and objects, specifying a class, using a class, C+ objects as physical objects, C++ objects as data types, Constructors, objects as function arguments, returning objects from functions.

Arrays: Array fundamental0defining array, array elements, Accessing array elements, Initializing arrays, multidimensional arrays, passing arrays to functions, array of objects, strings-string variables, Avoiding Buffer overflow, string constants, array of strings string as class members, Standard C++ string Class.

UNIT-IV Operator overloading: Overloading unary operators- the operator keyword, operator arguments, operator return values nameless temporary objects, limitation of increment operators, overloading Binary operators, data conversion, Pitfalls of operator overloading and conversion.

Inheritance: class, accessing base class, members, derived class constructors, overriding member functions, class hierarchies, public and private Inheritance, levels of inheritance, multiple inheritance, Ambiguity in Multiple Inheritance, Aggregation- Classes Within Classes. Derived class and base class, specifying the derived

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