HPU BCA 2nd Sem. Database Management System

By | December 1, 2021

BCA0205 Database Management System Syllabus

UNIT-I Introduction To Database Concepts: Data Modeling for a Database, Fields, Records and Files, Abstraction and Data Integration, Database Architecture, Users, Structure of DBMS, Disadvantages of DBMS. Data Models: Entity, Attribute, Relationship, Data Classifications, File based, Traditional, Semantic, Entity Relationship Advantages and Model Model.

UNIT-II File Organization: Operation on Sequential Files, Types of Indexes, Implicit, limit, multilevel, Direct Files, Indexing using B-Tree Structure. Relational Model: Relational Database, Relational Algebra, Relational Calculus. files, Sequential Files, Index

UNIT-III Relational Database Design: Relational Scheme and Design, Functional Dependency, Normal forms (First, Second, Third, Boyce Multiovalued dependency. Relational Code), Decomposition and dependency preservation.

UNIT-IV MS Access: Tables (Creation/Design structure, Data Entry), Primary keys, Foreign Keys Master-Detail Table, Query (Select, Make-Table, Update, Append, Delete) Form (Modal, Modeless), Relationships Report (Creation of a simple report from a table and from a query).

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