HPU BCA 2nd Sem. Data Structures

By | December 2, 2021

BCA0204 Data Structures Syllabus

UNIT-I Preliminaries: Concept & notation, common operation on data structures, algorithm complexity, time-space trade off between algorithm, physical & logical representation of different data structures.

Arrays: Arrays defined, representing arrays in memory, Various operation (traversal, insertion, deletion), Multidimensional arrays, Sequential allocation, Address calculation.

UNIT-II Linked List: Definition, type (linear, circular, doubly linked, inverted), representing linked lists in memory, advantages of using linked list over arrays, various operations on Linked list (traversal, insertion, deletion).

UNIT-III Definition Stacks: Implementation of stacks, Operation on stacks (push & pop), Application of stacks (converting arithmetic expression from infix notation to polish and their subsequent evaluation), quick sort technique to sort an array, recursion).

Queue: Definition & concept of queues, implementation of queue, operation on queues (insert & delete), circular queue. & concepts of stack structure.

UNIT-IV Trees Structures: Tree, Binary Trees, Tree Traversal Algorithms (Pre-Order, In-Order, Post-Order), Threaded Trees, Binary Search Trees.

Sorting & Searching: Selection sort, Bubble sort, Merge sort, Radix sort, Quick sort, Sequential search, Linear search and their complexity.

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