HPU BCA 1st Sem. Mathematics

By | December 2, 2021

BCA0101 Mathematics-I Syllabus

UNIT-I Set theory, Relations, quadratic equations, sequence & series, binomial theorems, determinants, matrices.

UNIT-II Rectangular co-ordinates, length of a line segment, section ratio, area of a triangle, equations of a straight line circles.

UNIT-III Trigonometric functions, trigonometrical ratios of negative and associated angles, trigonometrical ratios of compound angles, multiple and sub multiple angles, Heights and distances.

UNIT-IV Functions, limits and continuity, Derivative of functions, Maxima & Minima, Indefinite integrals and definite integrals.

Download Question papers of HPU BCA 1st Sem. Mathematics-I

Download HPU BCA Mathematics-I Question Paper pdf

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