HPU BCA 1st Sem. C Programming

By | December 1, 2021

BCA0104 C Programming Syllabus

UNIT-I Introductory Concepts: Types of programming languages, Introduction to C, some simple C programs, Desirable program characteristics. C Fundamentals: C character Set, Identifiers and keywords, data types, constants, variables and arrays, Declarations, expressions, statements, Symbolic constants.

UNIT -II Operators and expressions: Arithmetic operators, unary operator, Relational and logical operators, assignment operators, conditional operators, Library Functions. Data Input and Output: Preliminaries, singe character input, singe character output, Entering input data, writing output data, the gets() and puts() function.

UNIT-III Control Statements: Preliminaries, Branching, Looping, Nested control switch statement, break statement, The continue statements, statement, The goto statement, The comma operator. Arrays: Defining an array, processing an array, passing arrays to functions, Multidimensional arrays, Arrays and strings.

UNIT-IV Functions: A brief overview, Defining a function, accessing a function, function prototypes, passing arguments to a function, recursion. Pointers: Fundamentals, Pointer declarations, Passing pointers to the functions, pointers and one dimensional array, dynamic memory allocation, Operations on pointers, arrays of pointers.

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