Difference between Layers and Broilers

By | January 10, 2022

Poultry Farming

Difference between Layers and Broilers: The poultry industry with its production in the form of eggs and meat is of particular importance in providing a balanced diet for the human population. Poultry birds serve human beings in various ways. They are not only efficient converters of agricultural byproducts; particularly of wastes into high quality meat but also provide egg, feathers and rich manure. Proper management of poultry includes improved methods of hatching, rearing, housing, sanitation, prevention from diseases and a sound marketing arrangement.

The word, poultry has originated from the old French word ‘ poult’ means chicken, the young one of common domestic fowl. So this word should have used only for domestication (rearing) of chicken or fowls. However, poultry also includes ducks, geese, turkeys, guinea-fowls and pigeons. Poultry is the choice of millions as staple food world over.

Difference between Layers and Broilers

The constant efforts in the field of poultry farming has made it possible to increase the production of eggs in our country. India has become 5th largest country in the world in poultry production after China, former USSR, USA and Japan. An egg laying poultry called egger or layer and the poultry reared for obtaining meat called chicken or broiler. Poultry farming is undertaken basically to raise domestic fowl for egg production and chicken meat.

Difference between Layers and Broilers

Layers Broilers
Layers are egg-laying birds, managed for the purpose of getting eggs. Broilers are maintained for getting meat.
Layers start producing eggs at the age of 20 weeks. So they are kept for layer period depending upon laying period (about 500 days). Broilers raised upto 6-7 weeks in poultry farms and then sent to market for meat production.
Layers require enough space and adequate lighting. They require conditions to grow fast and low mortality.
They require restricted and calculated feed with vitamins, minerals and micronutrients. Their daily food requirement (ration for broilers) is rich in protein and vitamin A and K. The fat content also should be adequate.

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