Difference between Bee keeping and Poultry farming

By | January 11, 2022

Poultry farming

Difference between Bee keeping and Poultry farming: The poultry industry with its production in the form of eggs and meat is of particular importance in providing a balanced diet for the human population. Poultry birds serve human beings in various ways. They are not only efficient converters of agricultural byproducts; particularly of wastes into high quality meat but also provide egg, feathers and rich manure. Proper management of poultry includes improved methods of hatching, rearing, housing, sanitation, prevention from diseases and a sound marketing arrangement.

Bee keeping

Bee keeping or apiculture (L. apis = bee; culture = cultivate) is the rearing , care and management honey bees for obtaining honey, wax and other substances. Honey known to have medicinal value. It is found to be quite useful in the treatment of various disorders of humans related to digestion, dysentery, vomiting and stomach or liver ailments. Honey is a blood purifier, a cure against cough, ate cold sore throat, ulcers of the tongue, ulcer of stomach and intestine, etc. Since honey is rich in iron and calcium, it helps in growth of human body. Honey is also use as a source of sugar in confectionary items such as pastries, cakes, etc.

Difference between Bee keeping and Poultry farming

Visualizing these important uses of honey, bee keeping has undertaken on commercial basis as a business. Bee keeping being, a low-investment enterprise, has become a favorite source of some extra income for the Indian farmers. Bee keeping also helps in cross pollination of flowers of crop plants, since pollens transferred from one flower to another by bees while they are collecting the nectar.

Difference between Bee keeping and Poultry farming

Bee keeping Poultry farming
It is the practice of rearing, care and management of honey bees. It is the practice of raising domestic fowl.
Bee keeping provides honey, bee wax and related products. Poultry farming provides egg and meat.
Bees obtain their food from flowers. Poultry birds are provided with feed by their reaers.

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