Difference between Animal cell and Plant cell

By | January 4, 2022

Difference between Animal cell and Plant cell

Plant cell

Plant cells are multicellular eukaryotes with cell walls containing cellulose and other polysaccharides. Their mode of nutrition is autotropic and major of them are photosynthetic. plant cells are surrounded by cell and containing cellulose. In case of plant cells reserved food material is starch. Locomotion is absent but with the few exceptions of unicellular colonial forms.

  • Plant cells are surrounded by a cell wall composed of cellulose.
  • Plastids are present in plant cells.
  • Level of organization may be tissue or organ .
  • Plant cells  do not have cilia.
  • Plant cell do not have Centrosomes.

Plant Cell

Animal cell

Animal cell include all multicellular and eukaryotic heterotrophic organisms. Animal cell do not posses cell wall. Their mode of nutrition is heterotrophic (holozoic, saprophytic).In case of animal cell reserved food material is glycogen. Locomotion is present without any exception. Animal cell shows muscular contractility.

  • Animal cell  do not posses any cell wall. 
  • Centrosomes are present  in animal cell.
  • Animal cells have cilia present  in them.
  • Animal cell membrane comprises of lipids of protein.
  • Level of organization may be tissue or organ or organ system.

Animal Cell

Difference between animal cell and plant cell

Plant cell Animal cell
Presence of cellulosic cell wall Cell wall is not present
Cilia and flagella is absent cilia and flagella is present
Centrosomes are absent Centrosomes are present
Nervous system is absent Nervous system is present often complex
Chloroplast is present Chloroplast is absent
Lysosomes are few in number Lysosomes are more in number
Large vacuole is present Large vacuole is absent
Reserved food material is starch Reserved food material is glycogen
Plant cell Are regular in shape They are regular as well as irregular in shape


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