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HP Police Constable Question Papers

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HPU BCA 1st Sem. Mathematics

BCA0101 Mathematics-I Syllabus UNIT-I Set theory, Relations, quadratic equations, sequence & series, binomial theorems, determinants, matrices. UNIT-II Rectangular co-ordinates, length of a line segment, section ratio, area of a triangle, equations of a straight line circles. UNIT-III Trigonometric functions, trigonometrical ratios of negative and associated angles, trigonometrical ratios of compound angles, multiple and sub multiple… Read More »

HPU BCA 4th Sem. Personnel Management

BCA0401 Personnel Management Syllabus UNIT-I Introduction to Personnel Management : Nature, Scope, functions and significance, Personnel Policies, classification and organization of Personnel Department. UNIT-II Human Resource Planning: Meaning, objectives and importance of HRM, Job Analysis and Design, Recruitment, selection, Terms of Employment, Induction and Briefing, Orientation and Placement. UNIT-III Human resources Development: Training and Development… Read More »

HPU BCA 6th Sem. Multimedia Technology

BCA0603 Multimedia Technology Syllabus UNIT-I Introduction to Multimedia : platforms for multimedia, Identifying Multimedia elements Text, Images, Sound, Animation and Video, Making simple Multimedia with PowerPoint. Concepts of plain & formatted text, RTF & HTML texts, Object Linking and Embedding concept. Needs and areas of use, Development UNIT-II Sound: Sound and it Attributes, Mono V/S… Read More »

HPU BCA 2nd Sem. Data Structures

BCA0204 Data Structures Syllabus UNIT-I Preliminaries: Concept & notation, common operation on data structures, algorithm complexity, time-space trade off between algorithm, physical & logical representation of different data structures. Arrays: Arrays defined, representing arrays in memory, Various operation (traversal, insertion, deletion), Multidimensional arrays, Sequential allocation, Address calculation. UNIT-II Linked List: Definition, type (linear, circular, doubly… Read More »

HPU BCA 3rd Sem. C++

BCA0304 Object Oriented Programming with C++ Syllabus UNIT-I Object oriented programming: Need for OOP, object oriented approach, Inheritance, Reusability, Polymorphism, overloading advantage of OOP, relationship between C and C”. Programming Basic: Basic program construction, output using cout, preprocessor directive, variables, input with cin, Type bool, setw Manipulator, type float, type conversion,  characteristics of OOP language-… Read More »

HPU BCA 4th Sem. Accounting

BCA0402 Accounting Syllabus UNIT-I Accounting : Meaning, Definition and objects of Accounting, Accounting Principles; Accounting concepts and Conventions, Principle Double Entry System, Journal Entry, Ledger, Cash Book and Subsidiary books, Trial Balance and rectification of errors. UNIT-II Final Account: Manufacturing Account, Trading Account, Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet. UNIT-III Cost Accounting: Nature and… Read More »

HPU BCA 4th Sem. Visual Basic

BCA0405 Programming in Visual Basic Syllabus UNIT -I Introduction to Visual Studio: Features of Visual basic, Visual Basic applications, compile, run, Difference between Visual Basic and .NET languages. Open, close existing project, possible menu variations, use the Form Designer, Code Editor, Solution Explorer, work with Visual Studio’s windows. Design a form: Add controls to a… Read More »

HPU BCA 4th Sem. Internet Technology and Web page design

BCA0404 Internet Technology & Web Page Design Syllabus UNIT-I Internet: Evolution of Internet, Internet Application, Network requirements, Newsgroups, FTP Archive, Real Time Activity, Video, Audio, Search Engine). Bandwidth, Internet features (Electronic Mail UNIT-II World Wide Web: Definition, www Browsers, WWW Servers, Dial-Up SLIP, PPP Access, Dedicated line, ISDN.TCP/IP Connectivity- DNS Servers, Domain Names Registration process,… Read More »

HPU BCA 2nd Sem. Mathematics

BCA0201 Mathematics-II Syllabus UNIT-I Rolle’s Theorem, Lagrange’s Mean Value Theorem, Cauchy’s Mean Value Theorem, their geometrical significance and applications. Successive differentiation and Leibnitz Theorem. UNIT-II Number system: division algorithm, greatest common divisor, Least common multiple, congruence relation, Integer arithmetic, Modular arithmetic. UNIT-III Group: definition of Group, Groups of numbers, groups of residues, groups of matrices,… Read More »