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How to add sticky footer ad in WordPress without plugin?

Add sticky footer ad in WordPress using HTML and CSS only To add footer sticky ad, copy this HTML code. Open your WordPress account and go to Appearance>Theme Editor. Then select footer on right side of theme sidebar. Paste the HTML code before </body> tag. Now, go to AdSense account and select Ads>By ad unit>… Read More »

How to update from Windows 10 to Windows 11

Install Windows 11 officially To update your Windows, go to settings in your PC or laptop. Then go to Update & security. Windows automatically detect your PC can support Windows 11. Or you can check specifications/requirements to update Windows 10 on MicroSoft Official Site. Then go to MicroSoft site to download Windows 11 installation Assistant.… Read More »

How to create a game using Python If and Elif Statements?

Code for creating game with Python using If and Elif statements and Functions: Rules for this program is: Computer choose any random value using random.randit function. When it choose 1 it will be equal to ‘s’, 2 = ‘w’ and 3 =’g’. You have to enter ‘s’, ‘w’ or ‘g’ then the program will decide… Read More »