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Tailblocks – Ready to use blocks by Tailwind CSS

Tailblocks – Ready to use blocks by Tailwind CSS You can create an unique, responsive and attractive within minutes with the help of Tailblocks. Tailblocks – Ready to use blocks by Tailwind CSS provides you free Tailwind CSS components or blocks to create a website fast and easily. Tailblocks are a great way to quickly… Read More »

Blockchain Technology

History of Blockchain Technology The blockchain technology described in 1991 by the research scientist Stuart Haber and W. Scott Stornetta. They wanted to introduce a computationally practical solution for time-stamping digital documents so that they could not backdated or tampered. They develop a system using the concept of cryptographically secured chain of blocks to store… Read More »

Digital Signal

Digital Signal Signal is an electric current or electromagnetic field used to convey data from one place to another. OR Signal is an electromagnetic wave that carries information through physical medium. OR A signal can also defined as an electromagnetic or electrical current that carries data from one system or network to another. Digital Signal A… Read More »

Spiral Model in Software Engineering

Spiral Model in Software Engineering Spiral model is one of the most important Software Development Life Cycle models, which provides support for Risk Handling in Software Engineering. In its diagrammatic representation, it looks like a spiral with many loops. The exact number of loops of the spiral is unknown and can vary from project to project.… Read More »

Difference between Valence, Conduction & Forbidden Energy Gap

Difference between Valence, Conduction & Forbidden Energy Gap Valence Band  The electrons in outermost orbit of an atom are known as valence electrons. The bands that contains the valence electrons, called valence band. The valence band is the outermost orbital of an atom. Electrons are unable to attain energy from any external source of electric… Read More »

What is Bitcoin Miner Virus?

Bitcoin miner virus also known as Trojan.MacOS.BitCoinMiner.EB is a name given to various crypto mining viruses. Not only Bitcoin but it attempts to mine all the different kinds of cryptocurrency like Ethereum ,Monaro, etc. Crypto mining is a heavy task and requires expensive hardware to work. By implanting Trojan.MacOS.BitCoinMiner.EB  in your computer hackers try to… Read More »

Privatization in India between 1991 to 2022

Privatization in India is comparative study between 1991 and present situation The transfer of ownership, property or business from the government to the private sector is termed privatization. After privatization, the government ceases to be the owner of the Entity or Business. India went for privatization in the historic reforms budget of 1991, also known… Read More »

Difference between Autotrophs and Heterotrophs

Difference between Autotrophs and Heterotrophs Autotrophs Most plants are green. Green plants synthesize food for themselves. Nutrition in green plants is known as autotrophic nutrition and the organisms capable of making their own food are termed as autotrophs(auto means self; trophe means food). Green plants have green pigment(color) in their leaves. In some plants, this green pigment… Read More »

Man Machine Chart

Man machine charts are used to improve productivity. A man-machine chart displays relationship between manual work performed by operators and machine involved in a manufacturing process graphically. You can create Man-Machine Chart in MS Excel. The worker and machine process chart (Man-machine chart) is used to study, analyze, and improve one workstation at a time.… Read More »

25 Free Recruitment Websites for 2022

Free Recruitment Websites provide a platform to people who want to hire someone for a new project. These websites completes some processes of identification. People who want to do jobs, they fill their qualifications and skills to get some work. It is like freelancing website. These websites select people by their skills and shows work… Read More »