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Tailblocks – Ready to use blocks by Tailwind CSS

Tailblocks – Ready to use blocks by Tailwind CSS You can create an unique, responsive and attractive within minutes with the help of Tailblocks. Tailblocks – Ready to use blocks by Tailwind CSS provides you free Tailwind CSS components or blocks to create a website fast and easily. Tailblocks are a great way to quickly… Read More »

Blockchain Technology

History of Blockchain Technology The blockchain technology described in 1991 by the research scientist Stuart Haber and W. Scott Stornetta. They wanted to introduce a computationally practical solution for time-stamping digital documents so that they could not backdated or tampered. They develop a system using the concept of cryptographically secured chain of blocks to store… Read More »

Weiler-Atherton Polygon Clipping Algorithm

Weiler-Atherton Polygon Clipping Algorithm The problem encountered in clipping concave polygons in Sutherland-Hodgeman algorithm solved by Weiler-Atherton Polygon Clipping Algorithm. The basic idea in this algorithm is that instead of always proceeding around the polygon edges; as vertices processed, we may sometimes follow the window boundary. Whether to follow polygon boundary (edges) or clipping window… Read More »

Sutherland-Hodgeman Polygon Clipping Algorithm

Sutherland-Hodgeman Polygon Clipping Algorithm Sutherland-Hodgeman Polygon Clipping Algorithm: This algorithm was purposed by Sutherland and Hodgeman in 1974 to determine which portions of the polygon were visible within a window and clipping out the portions that are outside the window. This algorithm accepts as input a series of polygon vertices, V1, V2, …. Vn. These… Read More »

Polygon Clipping

Polygon Clipping: A polygon is a closed sided figure represented by a number of line segments that are connected to each other end to end. The various line segments are called edges or sides and the points where two edges meet are called vertices or corners. A simplest polygon which exists in the Euclidean plane… Read More »

Cohen-Sutherland Line Clipping Algorithm

Line Clipping Line Clipping is a procedure that determines which portion of a line lies inside the clipping window and is displayed. Lines that do not intersect the clipping window are either completely inside the window or completely outside the window. On the other hand, a line that intersects the clipping window is divided by… Read More »

Point Clipping

Point clipping Point clipping determines whether the point lies inside the clipping window or not. Thus it determines whether point is visible or not. Assuming that the clip window is a rectangular, we consider a point P(x, y). This point P will be considered inside the window if it satisfies the following two conditions: WXmin… Read More »


Clipping in Computer Graphics Clipping is a process of extracting portion or an object or image that is to be displayed on viewport. Also defined as procedure that identifies whether the portion of any graphics object is within or outside of a specified region or space. The region or space against which an object is… Read More »

Kivymd Button Tutorials

Kivymd Button Tutorials syntax for using for buttons: Flat Rectangle Button from import MDApp from kivy.lang import Builder KV = ”’ MDScreen: MDRectangleFlatIconButton: text: ” Button ” pos_hint: {“center_x”: 0.5, “center_y”: 0.5} ”’ class MainApp(MDApp): def build(self): return Builder.load_string(KV) MainApp().run() Output: Floating Action Button: from import MDApp from kivy.lang import Builder KV =… Read More »