25 Free Recruitment Websites for 2022

By | December 8, 2021

Free Recruitment Websites provide a platform to people who want to hire someone for a new project. These websites completes some processes of identification. People who want to do jobs, they fill their qualifications and skills to get some work. It is like freelancing website. These websites select people by their skills and shows work related to their fields. These websites take upto 20% of your offers. Example, If I got a project from a person of $100 then website will take $20 from it. So I get only $80. In return, they provide legal help if the company will not pay me. Some of the Free Recruitment websites are:

25 Free Recruitment Websites

Rank Website Name Description
1. UpWork UpWork is one the best recruitment website. You can hire anyone for your project. There are many fields you want to work like web development, graphics designing, UI/UX design, video editing etc.
2. Toptal Toptal has very high traffic if you want to hire some professional for your project, you can use this website.
3. DesignHill DesignHill gives an opportunity to recruit a good freelancer for their project by creating contest.
4. We Work Remotely We Work Remotely have upto 3 million users. They have user friendly job posting user interface.
5. LinkedIn LinkedIn is a platform for creative mind persons. You can post your work and people will reach to you if they like your ideas.
6. LinkedIn ProFinder LinkedIn ProFinder helps businesses to recruit freelancers for their projects.
7. SimplyHired SimplyHired allows users to upload your resume and people can filter they want to recruit based on their resume.
8. Fiverr In Fiverr, you can set your own packages which you expect for your skills.
9. Behance You can find person to recruit to a work on Behance. Users can post samples of their work, from which hiring party can select any person easily.
10. Dribble If you want to hire a freelancer to your work related to graphics designing and product designing, you can find it on Dribble.
11. PeoplePerHour PeoplePerHour recruitment website uses artificial intelligence to filter users that are fit related to your projects.
12. Guru Guru is a trusted free recruitment website which provides platform to freelancers.
13. Freelancer Freelancer is one of the popular website for web designing, LOGO designing, copywriting jobs etc.
14. AngelList If you have a startup, then you can hire someone for your work on AngelList.
15. 99designs 99Designs is a platform for freelancers with unique skills.
16. Webflow Experts Webflow Experts is a platform for web designers and developers like E-Commerce websites, payment gateways, react websites etc.
17. DesignCrowd It is a design job board for businesses. You will get many freelancing designers and hire them.
18. Working Not Working Working Not Working is the platform where world’s most innovative companies hire creative talents.
19. Authentic Jobs It is a job board for designers, creators and software developers.
20. FlexJobs FlexJobs works on remote work opportunities. It helps users to find jobs by using many filters.
21. YunoJuno YunoJuno is United Kingdom based freelancing recruitment website. It is a great freelancing website for UK’s people.
22. SolidGigs SolidGigs use a different approach for job listings. It email directly to users with specific skills based on their website.
23. TaskRabbit TaskRabbit focus on remote work opportunities. You can recruit any local freelancer for a project.
24. HubStaff Talent You can recruit anyone full time or part time based on hourly price or a fixed price.
25. Zeerk Zeerk provides many categories from content writing to web developers.

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